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Press Release - Liberal Vannin

Ex Police Inspector To Stand As Liberal Vannin Candidate For Castletown

Liberal Vannin is delighted to announce that Roy Redmayne has been selected to stand for election in Castletown.  The 56 year old Manxman lived and worked in the south of the island after marrying local girl Maureen in 1970.  The couple have three children and three grandchildren.  Like many locals, Roy started his career at the Ronaldsway Aircraft Factory before joining the Lancashire Constabulary in 1972.  Mr Redmayne rose to rank of Inspector with Greater Manchester Police before retiring in July 2002.   He joins a further eight Liberal Vannin candidates throughout the Island standing for election to the House of Keys in November.

Party Leader Peter Karran MHK said "I am delighted to have Roy as part of the team to get some accountability and audit back into the Manx Government which must be the worst Government in living history.  Roy lives in Castletown and is well placed to serve both the local community and the island as whole at national level.  Mr Redmayne will be the party’s spokesman on Law & Order".

Mr Redmayne “threw his helmet into the ring” after successfully winning a four year battle with Tynwald earlier this week to create an Independent Police Ombudsman – During his four year battle Roy conclusively exposed malpractice, incompetence, arrogance, and lack of accountability in the Police Complaints system.  Mr Redmayne was quoted as being “delighted with the outcome which resulted in a unanimous vote of 33-0 in Tynwald to unequivocally accept Mr Redmayne’s recommendations which should see a totally independent police ombudsman being in place by March 2007.

He added “In that campaign I exposed It has displayed many short comings in the police system and its accountability to the public It also exposed the lack of accountability of the Independent Police Commissioner’s to the public. My experiences in the police force have given me good grounding in legal issues, decision making and planning and debriefing operations.  I have worked throughout my career with politicians at every level and feel I am well placed to represent the people of Castletown on both local and national issues”.

He added “The political system in the Isle of Man is not robust enough in dealing with public servants or public owned utilities in our employ. The system of independent members dealing with matters of national importance is woeful.  Additionally, the system of the council of ministers driving through their agenda has in the last ten years showed very few successes, and we now have a system which clearly demonstrates a lack of robust behaviour in accounting for their failings.

I believe the way forward is through a party system. I have joined a group of like minded people who also believe that this is the way forward. I believe that a party will have a far greater influence on the national decisions of our nation.

The Party has presented a strong, challenging and far reaching manifesto addressing many of the key areas which affect island life such as Immigration, Law & Order, Ministerial reform, energy prices, and of course, the housing crisis which leave many well paid young people at the mercy of landlords.  The Party has based its manifesto on a clear and coherent philosophy which has openness, accountability, honesty and integrity at its very core”

He concluded by saying “We are building a national picture of the needs, hopes, aspirations and expectations of the people of the Isle of Man.   The Liberal Vannin Party is committed to addressing the real issues including improving the reputation of politics, politicians and our government system, and building a buoyant economy which will attract new business and give our young people the opportunity to progress their careers here on the island.”

Mr Karran added “Over the past four years Roy has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the people of both Castletown and the island.  Through his petition of grievance he has displayed a true commitment to the public and shown himself to be a man of honesty and integrity.  Roy clearly has the mindset and determination having already personally held government ministers to account for their actions.  I sincerely hope the voters of Castletown support Roy on 23rd November and help him make a real difference to the future of our island”.

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