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Middle - Paul Beckett

I have been a Manx Advocate since 1990, and an English Solicitor since 1981. My job is listening, analysing and problem solving.

I advise on Manx law throughout the world. I was the Honorary Representative of the Isle of Man Government in Switzerland. I am proud to have become a part of this nation and to serve it. I would be honoured to advocate your views in the Keys on the complex issues facing us:

  • Law and order — community policing initiatives and the fiscal crime unit must be supported and expanded and correctional facilities upgraded.

  • Housing — first time buyers’ homes, lease-purchase schemes and sheltered housing for the elderly will free the current log-jam.

  • Finance Sector — must be properly integrated into our community, but not taken for granted in uncertain times. Finance skills are hopelessly underrepresented in the Keys.

  • Agriculture — vital to our quality of life and independence, deserves Government support and protection.

  • Health and Social Services -the disillusioned young, the apprehensive elderly merit care. The DHSS must be guaranteed adequate resources.

Please exercise your democratic right to vote. The next Manx Government faces a world at war and possible international economic meltdown. Choose wisely.

Published by Paul Becket

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