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East Douglas - Brenda Cannel

Dear Constituents,

A new Government will be formed following the General Election on 22nd November 2001.

One of the first tasks for the new House of Keys will be to elect a Chief Minister who must show leadership in determining a secure, sustainable, safe and buoyant economy, for the Island’s people. Once elected he or she will select a Cabinet of Ministers where new blood is vitally needed in order to establish a strong, forward thinking Government; one upon which we can truly rely to uphold the Island’s independent status in the often hostile international arena.

Pressure to harmonise our taxation policies must be strongly resisted, and there should be a greater emphasis on the diversification of our economic base, with the improvement of incentives for our tourism, manufacturing and farming industries.

The policies I present to you are a combination of my own independent views and incorporate those of the Alliance for Progressive Government (APG).These policies show a clear vision with common sense and practical solutions to the many and varied issues which affect us all.


We have seen an unprecedented influx of new residents, averaging 850 persons a year over the last four years. This rapid population growth is outpacing the provision of housing, health and education on the Island, and is overburdening our road and sewerage infrastructures.

During my term of office we have passed legislation and received royal assent for RESIDENCY CONTROLS. Despite this, the present Council of Ministers have been reluctant to bring in the regulations to effect this new law.



The rapid increase in population has impacted on our capacity to enforce the laws we make. With police numbers remaining largely static, there is often insufficient deployment of police officers in the evenings and at weekends. Urgent attention is needed and the Government must lift its employees capping policy to increase personnel.

I support the APG policies for maintaining law and order and protecting the public, by ensuring that persons who are repeatedly convicted of serious criminal offenses receive extended prison sentences. Other measures would include properly structured rehabilitation programme's.

Greater police numbers are needed on our streets, with a particular emphasis on Douglas Promenade - the site of too much unruly and criminal activity over the years.

A larger police presence supported by CCTV cameras would certainly benefit problem areas.


The cost of the new hospital has risen out of all proportion with an estimated £111.7 million of tax payers money already committed - a figure which does not include a further £3.7 million identified as over spend. The completion date has been delayed and the whole project fraught with difficulties. The issue of medical staffing has not been addressed, neither has that of access during road closure for racing.

You may recall that, following my outspoken remarks about the building of the new hospital, I was promptly relieved of my political responsibilities for the Island’s construction industry and sacked from the Department of Trade and Industry.

However, the predictions I made, both before and after my election to the House of Keys, have been proved right. Rest assured, I will continue to be outspoken in the public interest in the future!


  • A PATIENTS ADVISORY PANEL - with an independent non-medical membership, to advise on the services necessary to meet the needs of the community, and to monitor standards and delivery.

  • AN INDEPENDENT EXAMINATION OF THE PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF MEDICAL CONSULTANTS - medical accidents and low standards of care continue to dog our health service, sometimes with fatal consequences.

  • A HEALTH SERVICE COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE - presently only applies to hospitals and Community Services and needs to be extended to other areas. Independent input is needed and this should include the appointment of a Patients Advocate or a Health Services Ombudsman.

  • CARE IN THE COMMUNITY - this programme must be properly funded, to enable those elderly or frail persons who wish to reside at home, to do so with proper back up and support.

  • GREATER CHOICE FOR THOSE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES - whether they be physically or mentally handicapped.

I am pleased to report that Tynwald has approved a Select Committee Report which I had the privilege to chair. The Report makes 14 recommendations, one of which calls on the DHSS to investigate the provision of core and cluster sheltered accommodation, together with a central meeting place facility and craft workshops.

Other recommendations provide for greater family input in the policy making process. There are also calls for a seamless transition into adult care facilities for the children; and in general, calls for more serious consideration being given to the personal preference of individuals in respect of their living accommodation.

Our society should seek to increase, not limit, the range of choices available to handicapped members, for the ability to choose is something we all hold very dear.

  • I would support the early introduction of the DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT.

  • Legislation on EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES also needs to be brought forward.


A Youth Commission must be established to examine the reasons behind drug and alcohol-abuse amongst our young people if we are to foster a caring and responsible society. Such a Commission must embrace the problems associated with such abuse in seeking to provide both medium and long term policies which will encourage - parental skills, mapping of child development, education, healthy diet and a general improvement in recreational facilities. The Commission must involve the young people themselves, their voice must be heard by Government.

On the educational front I wish to see greater provision of state run pre-school nurseries. This is vital for Douglas which at present does not provide such a facility - the benefits are twofold, in the monitoring of child development whilst enabling mothers who wish to return to work to do so.

The provision of new and improved youth and community initiatives is of paramount importance if we are to encourage respect and appreciation in our young people.

I have pressed hard for greater opportunities in sport and this has- now been included--in-the National Curriculum. As many sporting activities as possible should be available free to those under 16 yrs.


I’m also happy to see the inclusion of the Manx Language in the curriculum.


I led the opposition in Tynwald to the Government’s MASS BURN INCINERATOR proposal and remain of the view that this is not the way forward in dealing with the Island’s waste.

To burn all waste is madness and a gross waste of tax payers money. This project is very costly and could lead to a refuse rate being applied on all ratepayers. The Government has agreed a 25 year contract for the incinerator which will be obsolete half -way through its life, and- also out-of step with the rest of the developing world.

Meanwhile, 30% of the volume of waste incinerated - the left over ‘bottom ash’ - will still need to be land filled on the Island, whilst negotiations are underway to export the ‘fly ash’ off Island if agreement can be reached with the United Kingdom.

At the October sitting, I am pleased to report that as a direct result of my initiative, Tynwald endorsed the policy of KERBSIDE COLLECTION of recyclables - supporting a Pilot Scheme early next year. To help safeguard the Islands environment we must embrace this initiative with 100% support. It will go some way to reducing the overall volume of waste for incineration, thus reducing the associated risks.

As a priority, the Government must ensure greater emphasis on the efficient monitoring of air, water and soil, to ensure that the harmful emissions do not contaminate the air we breath and the food we eat -leading to serious health problems.


The Island is currently enjoying unparalleled success, the foundations of which were laid by the hard work of our pensioners. It is intended that the State Retirement Pension and Manx Pension Supplement, coupled with SERPS or an Occupational/Personal Pension will provide sufficient pension to ensure

retirement -with -dignity--for-pensioners. The APG has achieved an increase in the Manx Pension Supplement from £9.35 to £36.25, and will continue to press for an adequate pension income, with a review of pension policy and structure, for the benefit of all pensioners.


The principle of this payment being based on contributions paid in the Isle of Man is supported. However, it is unfair that contribution years for a period of less than 10 years should be totally disregarded.


The Government’s compensation measures must be extended beyond early next year to enable recovery to stabilise, and to help maintain buoyancy in the near future. I believe the Tourism Industry has, to a large degree, been taken for granted by the Government. Instead, the focus has been on attracting more finance based industries, which, while important to the Island’s present economic base, should not take precedence over our established Tourism Industry.

Millions of holidaymaker's would love to visit our beautiful, peaceful Island, and we must continue to seek new ways of competing in a tough marketplace.



  • The same level of investment in TV and Radio advertising as witnessed this year, year on year. It is encouraging to note that Treasury have just agreed this investment for 2002.

  • That realistic GRANT ASSISTANCE be made available to enable hotels and guest houses to upgrade their facilities - in Ireland such grants are free.

  • That greater efforts are made to tailor the SPECIALIST MARKET in Eco or Green tourism.

  • The return of MOTORCYCLE RACING - with an enlarged prize. I look forward to the return of our T.T. fans next year, - and that unique kick start the T.T. gives to the Manx summer season!


TRAFFIC: Sadly, an ever increasing problem for Douglas, particularly East Douglas - the centre of the Town. The Dept. of Transport has consistently failed to address the problems associated with heavy traffic and car parking in our residential areas, and is inept at controlling the regulations within Disc Parking areas.

It is high time that a Douglas MHK headed this particular Government department - we might then see the attention being given to traffic and parking issues that our capital so sorely needs. One only has to look at Castletown, for example, to see where the vast majority of expenditure has been provided by the present Minister.


  • Improved pedestrian facilities such as zebra crossings. • Attention given to our road repairs and renewals. • Greater car parking provision.

  • Proper regulation enforcement. • Realistic park and ride schemes with incentives to ensure their success. • A heavy goods vehicle park to remove such vehicles from residential areas. • Relocation of some Government offices outside of Douglas. These actions would go a long way to alleviate the problem of traffic congestion in Douglas.


There is a particular need to address the accommodation difficulties encountered by young single people and couples - due to the current high costs of private sector housing.

  • A review of the FLAT REGULATIONS is long overdue. Many flats provide unacceptably low living standards in my view, and this still includes some of those provided by the Local Authority.

  • The enforcement of the FIRE REGULATIONS early next year will undoubtedly bring about improvements in the housing stock generally, with no exceptions for Local Authority stock.

  • In addition, the APG will seek to establish HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS, grant aided by Government, to provide accommodation at an economic rent, with tenants having the right to purchase at a price which takes account of rent paid at a later date.

In October, all of the above new policies were endorsed by Tynwald, - although legislation will be required for the setting up of Housing Associations, this may be achievable early next year.


As a member of:

  • The Dept. of Home Affairs - securing the Sexual Offenses Legislation and Register of Offenders; Victim Support.

  • The Dept. of Trade and Industry - initiated the Minimum Wage Legislation; Sex Discrimination in the workplace; Health Check on the Retail Industry; support for the Construction Industry; establishing a policy for Renewable Energy including the provision of a wind-farm.

  • The Dept. of Education - focusing upon Youth and Community, Special Needs and pre-school education.


  • Equalisation of State Pension for men and women.

  • Reform of the Legislative Council.

  • Dugdale Petition on people with learning disabilities (Chairman).

  • Battery Hen farming.

  • Manx Patriots.


  • minimum wage legislation.

  • investigation on prescription charges.

  • sex discrimination legislation.

  • civil jurisdiction legislation.

  • street traders legislation - private members bill.

  • Tynwald support for the reduction of carbon dioxide emission, based upon 80 percent of UK 1990 levels by 2010.

  • The reduction of VAT on the cost of the refurbishment and restoration of older buildings.

  • Child psychiatrist employed by DHSS.

  • Study into Local Authority recycling initiatives.

  • An increase of Civil Legal Aid to match that of Criminal Legal Aid.

  • Improved methods for complainants against Manx Advocates discharged by the Advocates Disciplinary Tribunal.

  • Greater awareness by DHSS of Meningitis and MRSA.

  • The making of school playgrounds available for recreational use during school holidays.

  • The provision of a bicycle trail loop included in the Douglas Promenade development.

  • Amended the Villa Marina Legislation to safeguard the gardens.

  • Amended the All Island Taxi Legislation in terms of an appeal procedure.

  • Financial support for a Wind Farm provided by the MEA.

  • Traffic Calming Legislation with the provision of ‘speed humps’.

  • An increase in the Manx Pension Supplement from t9 to £36.25

  • A needle exchange scheme for chemists to prevent HEP B spreading to those who are addicted to hard drugs.

  • Pedestrian crossing facility at the junction of Broadway/Victoria Rd and a new pedestrian crossing for Derby Rd.

All of which have involved applying pressure on Government Departments, or my moving legislation or motions both in the House of Keys and Tynwald.

In addition I have placed over 300 questions - seeking answers to the many concerns which you have brought to me.

Non political responsibilities include:

  • Director of the Douglas Development Partnership (non remunerary)

  • Executive Committee Member - Douglas Amateur Swimming Assoc.

In East Douglas you have two full votes as there are two seats to be filled. I ask you to cast your vote for a woman who will continue to work ha rd for the constituency with 100% commitment, by fully representing your views with openness and honesty.


Published by Brenda Cannel

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