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South Douglas - Adrian Duggan

I have lived in South Douglas all my life, I am a Funeral Director. I am married with 3 children, two sons, and a daughter.

I have been involved with politics for 25 years, from 1976 - 1981, as a Douglas Town Councilor, and from 1981 to date, as one of your MHK’s for South Douglas.

I have served on most committees of Douglas Town Council, and in many departments of Government I have also served on the public account’s committee, and whilst on the Department of Home Affairs I was chairman of the Island’s Are and Rescue service for five years. 

I have made major improvements both with manning levels and necessary replacements of appliances and equipment during my term of office.


The Island has done well, over the last five years, but we must not be complacent, there is still much to be done. The policies of the last five years have brought the Island forward and provide the right political, economical and social framework. However, we cannot predict the year ahead, as the events in the USA could cause economic uncertainties, there is, even now signs of global economic difficulties. The effects will not be made clear for many months. So far there appears not to be a down turn in the local economy, although it would be wrong to assume that we will be immune. We must watch the situation closely. In the long term we must remain optimistic about our economic future and some additional caution will be required. The financial and insurance sectors must be safeguarded as a top priority.

We must continue to attract more industries to our Island, film and shipping companies along with tourism. Farming needs the full support of the Government, as so many depend on these vital industries. In 1981 there were 2500 people out of work, with a reserve fund of £1.8 million. Today about 150 people are out of work and jobs are available. Our reserve fund now stands at approximately £250 million. The National Insurance Fund, at March 2001, stood at £384 million.


A new policy of 400 affordable housing units each year has been set, including first time and second time buyer units, along with grant support for housing improvements. The 400 ceiling should be increased to meet the ever-increasing demand. More sheltered housing is essential for our elderly.

I support the provision of suitable units on the Lord Street bus station site, keeping people in town near to the shops. Also the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church has unfortunately been closed, this possibly could also be a suitable site for sheltered housing. Recently I asked Tynwald for the rebuilding of the lower Pulrose estate to be accelerated. Funds have been rescheduled from 10 years to 7 years, to rebuild the estate sooner and rid the estate of all the boarded up houses that are an eyesore, and the loss of income. Slow progress of refurbishment of the higher Pulrose estates is unacceptable, I have raised the matter again recently to try to speed up refurbishment of this estate.

I support the installation of central heating in all local authority houses, also the purchase of these properties to the sitting tenants similar to the UK scheme. The current housing repair system of Douglas Corporation is far from satisfactory and needs to be revised. I fully support the provision of more local authority houses for those who cannot afford to buy their own home.


I gave my full support in Tynwald, to the Drugs and Alcohol strategies. I am a member of the Department of Home Affairs and over the last five years we have taken on more Police Officers to combat crime. Especially, preventing the misuse of drugs and alcohol as many crimes are drug and alcohol related. More foot patrols are needed on housing estates, to ensure the public are protected from vandalism and persons who are repeatedly convicted of serious criminal offences should receive extended prison sentences.

I had a Bill passed in the House of Keys which enabled the courts to deport offenders who come to our Island causing problems. I was also pleased to support the building of the new lower Douglas police station. When it is opened shortly, it will bring police presence back into the heart of Douglas. I also support the provision of a new police station in the Farmhill Area.


With a population of 76,000 I supported the Residency Control Bill. It is not intended that the act will come into effect unless we need to limit excessive immigration


The Human Rights Act 2001 incorporates the basic right set out in the European Convention on Human Rights into the law of the Isle of Man, it is proposed the Act will be in force during 2003. It will safeguard the rights of the people in the Isle of Man without them having to go to Strasbourg.


I fully support the provisions of more facilities to keep our young people off the streets and out of mischief I also gave my full support for the building of the new National Sports Centre, which is an asset to our residents and visitors alike. I fully support the refurbishment of the Villa Marina. I support also the provision of the play areas for the children on the many estates. I was one of the main supporters of the building of the Anagh Coar shops, and provision of the Sub Post Office, also the Chemist and Doctors Surgery.


The provisions for more car parking is essential in the borough, and shortly Shaw’s Brow is to be extended and the new car park in Westmoreland road is near completion, yet still the problem will mostly remain. Consideration by some Government departments to operate outside of the Douglas area could be a move in the right direction. Also free bus transport from the outskirts of the borough into the town centre would alleviate a lot of the pressure.

Over the years I have managed to have a number of road safety matters addressed, including the areas of the Pulrose shops, on the Castletown road and Anagh Coar road junction.

The speed limit reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph and the introduction of a new crossing. Along with other road safety measures from the Anagh Coar round about towards the Cooil. I have asked for a new road safety and widening scheme from Castletown road to Kewaigue School, work is to commence in the near future. I fully supported the provision of road safety zones on housing estates and safety barriers at the top of Anagh Coar road. The new bus shelters on the estates have my support. Vicarage road needs to be improved, but not to the detriment of the residents in the area. It must not be made a thoroughfare for heavy goods vehicles and increase the already heavy traffic flow. I support the need for more roadwork's to be carried out to repair potholes. Funds must be made available so that essential road works can go ahead.


I fully supported free Television Licences, free Bus Passes and increases in the Christmas Bonus.

There has been an increase in the pension supplement over the last five years from £9.35 p to £36.25 p. Old age pensioners can be assured, if I am re elected, of my continued support to improve their standard of living along with those in the lower income bracket. We have also taken many persons out of the Income Tax bracket in recent years.

I supported the exgratia payments of £ 10.000, for Manx residents, who were prisoners of the Second World War.


I am opposed to the building of the new incinerator, on environmental grounds due to the location, and the very high running costs. It is essential that a completely independent body monitors the emissions from the plant. The new power station is a move in the right direction. I supported the new cable and gas turbine scheme, which will lead to a much cleaner environment, and keep the cost of energy to a minimum. At present we have emissions of four tonnes per day of Sulphur Dioxide, which is one of the main causes of ASTHMA and a variety of CHEST PROBLEMS in this constituency, at last the end is in sight Hopefully the price of Gas may drop with the link up of the new pipeline, installation.


The Iris scheme is well on the way and the Island can look forward to cleaner beaches and bathing waters for many years.


The quality of Health Care depends on those that deliver the service. The Health Service complaints procedures must be made stronger by the input of a stronger independent appointment of a patient’s advocate or a health service Ombudsman.

Certain waiting lists are far to long and treatment should be made available sooner rather than later. The new hospital has got my full support, but I always stated the new site was to far out of town, I was a supporter of the Noble’s site. It is essential that the new hospital has adequate staffing levels.


I fully supported the provisions of the new schools on the Island, and the modernisation of existing schools. It is essential that the department continues to focus on raising the high standards of education and I fully support the provision of pre school and nursery education facilities.

Dear electorate I have represented you for the last 25 years, if you give me your support on Thursday 22 November 2001. I will endeavour to represent you and continue to do my best for our Island, especially the people of South Douglas.

Yours faithfully
A C Duggan

Published by Adrian Duggan

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