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Dear Constituents

The General Election will be on the 22nd November and I again seek your support to continue as the member representing Malew & Santon in our National Government.

In 1986 when I was the successful candidate and the first member of the newly formed constituency of Malew & Santon, not only was I very honoured and pleased to represent you but I also gave the promise that if Government and the constituency demands became onerous I would by arrangement resign my position as General Manager of a local company where I had worked for some 34 years to concentrate full time on being your representative and a Member of our National Government.

In 1988 after just 14 months I was appointed to the Council of Ministers and as promised became a full time Member of Government where I have served now for 15 years with the support of the people of Malew & Santon.

Every year since elected I have visited every household (1300) in the constituency at least once following up an enquiry or indeed with the annual newsletter each Christmas keeping you informed of local and national issues.

"You have to look back sometimes to appreciate the present and to be able to focus on the future", I believe this is the case today and no matter how well the Island has progressed over the past 15 years there is so much more to be done, we must never be complacent, success often brings with it many pressures but I would rather wrestle with success than wrestle with failure.

In looking back over the last 15 years "some facts which you might find interesting":



GNP compared per head as % of UK



GDP per head as % of UK



Unemployed on the Island

5.6% (1862 persons)

0.5%(178 persons)

Government Reserves Population

£12.1 m

76,000 (estimate)

Electricity per Unit



Income Tax Rate Visitors to Island (holiday)


12% (standard)

A quick look at the past, and a comparison with the present, but what of the future? There are many issues to be brought to a conclusion in respect of our Infrastructure as we replace many of our Victorian systems which have done us proud over the years but now need replacement, this will cost a great deal of money and it is therefore very important our economy remains strong and our industries remain competitive and confident, to enable us to complete the renewals and also resource our education, health and the many other services we have grown to expect.

We must continue to keep a well diversified economy with a good balance within the Island so as to safeguard our quality of life whilst ensuring that good, well paid jobs are available for our people and that they have housing which is available and affordable.

Since the last General Election new families will have come to live in the constituency and many young people will now for the first time, be eligible to vote, please make sure you are on the voters list (check at your local commissioners office or telephone 685741). Please use your democratic right to vote, the General Election is every five years and sometimes people forget to check the list to make sure that they are eligible to vote.

If it is going to be the first time you vote or should you be away at University or indeed away off Island for any reason and require information or advice please contact me by phone on 823482 or fax 827178.

If you feel unable to attend the Polling Station on Polling Day due to illness, or you require transport, please contact me again on 823482.

I have been honoured and privileged to serve the people of Malew & Santon over the past 15 years and to have served the National Government of our Island, I have been able to influence the progress both in our constitutional position and the success of our Islandís economy.

I believe I have the experience and enthusiasm to represent the people of Malew & Santon over the next 5 important years, and will await with eagerness the result of the General Election, if successful the opinions of constituents will be known to me, then and only then will I make a decision of what I might or might not aspire to do in the National Government of our Island, as your representative over the coming years. "My Manifesto will follow after nominations are known."

I ask for your support on the 22nd November this year. If you have any specific area of concern or require

my opinion or comment please do not hesitate to make contact by stopping me in the street, telephone me on 823482 or send a fax 827178.

Thank you for reading this newsletter and may I once again assure you of my best attention at all times.

Kind regards.
Donald Gelling

Published by Donald Gelling

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