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Douglas North - Bill Henderson

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to present my manifesto having had the privilege of serving the constituency and the island since my election to the House of Keys in 1998.

This manifesto provides a summery of the principles and strategies for which I shall be seeking your endorsement in the forthcoming General Election on the 22nd November, 2W1. The policies show a clear vision with common sense and practical solutions to the many and varied issues which affect us in the constituency Douglas, the Island and internationally.

I have moved away from the usual, simple leaflet layout and gone towards a more professional, goal-orientated approach so that you can see and measureó my achievement, commitment and future planning. Policies are backed up with actions. They represent a full range of issues, which is essential for work in the Isle of Man Parliament.

So, I set out precisely where I believe we are now, where we want to be and how we are going to get there, the ingredients required to motivate and provide for a successful formula. It is therefore a more substantial document, but kept in a light, readable format, with separate headings throughout so you can "dip in "to various sections rather than having to read the entire document at one go.

I made five clear commitments to the people of North Douglas when I stood for election in 1998: 

  1. to resign my position as a Hospital Night Manager 

  2. to move to Douglas 

  3. to build an effective and dynamic working relationship with the other MHK for the constituency 

  4. to provide a strong new voice in the House of Keys and Tynwald

  5.  to give 100 per cent commitment to the job to be a full time politician for North Douglas and the people of this Island, with no other interests to distract or influence my political work.

I resigned my position at Ballamona Hospital following my election and moved to Douglas in November of that year. I have given a lOO% commitment to my parliamentary role as a truly independent Member. I have aLso had the support of the Alliance for Progressive Government, (APG). The APG is not a political party, but a check on the block vote of the Council of Ministers. It has two main objectives -promotion of key policies in the national interest and support for each other in securing constituentsí interests.

I feel I have achieved "a strong new voice" in the Islandís Legislature.

As many of you already know I have helped constituents individually and collectively. In doing this I have developed a positive and professional working relationship with John Houghton. Difficult problems require double the effort and this has certainly worked for the benefit of the constituency. Moreover, where necessary questions have been asked in the House of Keys and Tynwald to ensure problems are followed through on your behalf.

In the last three years work in the House of Keys and Tynwald has been extremely important for the constituency and the Island. Events off the Island in particular outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and more recently. terrorism in the USA - will have immediate and more long-term implications for us.

In both my work for the constituency and on national

matters I have been very active in the Legislature. I have initiated debates, asked parliamentary questions, and proposed amendments to legislation. I have supported the introduction of important new legislation on:

  • Criminal justice

  • Education

  • The National Health Service

I have also supported major new policy initiatives on:

  • A New Tax Strategy

  • A New Gas Fired Power Station

  • A Natural Gas Link to the Island

  • E-Commerce

  • The Control of Drug Abuse

In short this document sets out my vision and that of constituents I have been speaking with - a five year strategic business plan for you, the constituency and the Island. It illustrates my beliefs and what I feel is right for our community. It addresses national issues in a direct way, but just as important it addresses the immediate concerns and needs of ordinary people.

I do not make rash promises in this substantial blue print for the constituency and the Island. What I do promise is 100% commitment to represent your views with openness and honesty and work towards these policies during the life of the next House of Keys. My place will be to carry them forward and support those of the Government where appropriate. They will not be achieved quickly or easily and it will be up to me to take every suitable opportunity to promote them. But if you re-elect me I am willing to have a go!

I wish to place on record my sincere thanks to all those who have encouraged and supported me throughout the last three and a half years, and during this election campaign. Please give me your support on November 22nd.

Bill Henderson

Five Point Overview

The Challenge for the Isle of Man -the next five years - a blue print for the future

The greatest challenge facing the Island over the next five years and beyond is undoubtedly consolidating and building upon our economic success, ensuring our business and market attractiveness remain for the finance sector and other business, balanced with sustainability It is also about diversification as currently the largest proportion of the Islands wealth is generated directly or indirectly by our finance industry. We must recognise and work towards:

1 The International Picture

The Island has done remarkably well developing its finance sector, insurance portfolio, shipping register, film industries and new "On Line" gaming business. We are emerging as a top class player in our specialty/niche markets on the world stage and should progress so that we are seen as partners in these areas within the "global community."

Liaison with the Lord Chancellorís Department and the UK Government is generally improving: increasingly it is the Island, and not the UK Government that presents our position in the EU and international forums, such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and United Nations. The Island has come out very positively following recent UK and international scrutiny, especially from the Edwards Review and the OECD.

However, we have more to do in promoting our international image and deflecting criticism. This is still a weakness in the Islandís strategy, as demonstrated by recent media accusations about terrorist funds. A mechanism must be developed to respond to this sort of highly publicised and damaging misrepresentation.

2 Planning for IOM plc

Strategic Planning provides the essential vision, direction and purpose. This is the driving force for the community, which provides the continuing economic success and stability the Island requires. It provides the main mechanism to steer us steadily towards chosen and opportune goals that will meet our needs and aspirations. This must be coordinated, with enough detailed information feeding into Government and Tynwald, to ensure quality decisions are made to achieve those aims.

It gives a greater ability to look ahead, sense threats and plan contingency actions. It causes the local, national and international scene to be continuously monitored and provides an enhanced capability to predict and better determine the required market and economic directions to be taken. The Island would then be in a far more pro active position to anything that may happen, rather than with the current shorter term planning assumptions and overview.

The present Government Policy Document goes some way towards this, but strategic planning requires further development, thus ensuring a greater degree of security for our future development and growth:

A Central Planning and Information Division needs to be created to co-ordinate these specialist functions. This must include building further and more comprehensive UK, European and world contacts.

We need to learn from the Edwards Review, and the recent air insurance fiasco - and not be caught unprepared, and forced into an urgent reactive stance, which does not always produce the best solutions for the Island.

3 Population

A steadily rising population - now officially estimated to be 76,000, and possibly rising eventually to 120,000 people can not be sustained without consequences. Government is committed to a combination of unrestricted residency and development. The reality of residency management will ultimately have to be grasped.

The effect the current policy on our community is plain for all to see - busier roads, rising school numbers, growing hospital waiting lists, amenities under pressure, people recruited from elsewhere, and of course the housing problem all competing for one set of resources, which have not grown in proportion. We must aim for:

  • stable and careful economic growth minimising as far as practical any impact on our quality of life;

  • high net worth low staffing ratio business, but also ensuring suitable employment opportunities for those on the Island;

  • a review of the Islandís infrastructure programme and priorities.

4 Government

Ministerial Government needs to be reviewed. At times it is a cumbersome, managerial system. It is not as responsive as it should be to Tynwald and the wider Island Community. It is a system that can engender an institutional aloofness, and a detachment from real problems. It carries a "powerful block vote" and promotes an autocratic process that dictates it should not be challenged or questioned; "The Jurby Pit" being a prime example. Improvements are required so that:

  • ministers should be chosen by Tynwald;

  • no Member of the Legislative Council should hold a Ministerial position;

  • non-Ministerial Tynwald members of Government Departments should have a formal vote in departmental decision making to provide some check on the present ultimate power of the Minister in the Department;

  • Tynwald Members who sit on the Public Accounts Committee should hold no other office, in order to he as impartial and unbiased as possible in scrutinising the Governments financial management.

5 Constitutional Development

The Island must continue to sustain, evolve and develop its constitutional status, with a view to enhancing our autonomy. In particular we must increase our constitutional capacity to conduct our external relations. This will ultimately place the Isle of Man in a far stronger position for sustaining and developing its economy.

"The greatest challenge facing the Island over the next five years and beyond undoubtedly consolidating and building upon our economic success. . .balanced with sustainability."

POLICIES - for Health, Social Reform, Employment, Law& Order Housing, Energy, The Environment & our Natural Heritage which I will promote:


We have a National Health Service which we can be justifiably proud of, a system which helps many people and provides quality care.

We need to work towards an even more fully patient-orientated service, which is more sympathetic to individual needs. A Health Service which is results and quality driven using "performance league tables" ensuring medical competence and performance can be measured. Performance comparisons do not exist currently, and complaints regarding the service continue and medical accidents are still occurring.

We also need:

  • innovative ideas to cut waiting lists;

  • a fully independent system which promotes patient comments, assists and supports a patient to make a complaint against the Health Service including a Patients Advocate or Health Services Ombudsman. No such system currently exists;

  • a Health Service which can meet the specialist needs of the community including a new Hospital which must be fully staffed, equipped and able to meet both routine and specialist health care needs, including:

  • a dedicated diabetic centre;

  • a breathing clinic with its own consultant for respiratory conditions;

  • on site Hyperbaric medical services;

  • improved prosthetic service with its own on site-office, fitting and maintenance service;

  • a magnetic resonance imaging scanner;

  • a more comprehensive health screening service for men and women.

Social Reform

As the economy streaks away, there is an increasing layer of our community being left behind, including a section of people who were once able to manage but are now finding it increasingly more difficult. Our people deserve a better chance; they have a right to a dignified standard of living, and a right to achieve their true potential and aspirations. There are also families who require support, assistance and education: especially those who have children with special needs.

The Social Service system is under pressure to provide that assistance. It should be one of Governmentís top priorities to do more to help and assist the less fortunate, especially in this time of plenty:

  • The starting point must be to recognise the value of family life and provide assistance through reduced tax and increased social benefit where necessary. People donít want hand outs, just a chance to help themselves. We need a full range of "social and specialist services" which are available and linked. Currently it is not enough and local specialist services can not cope or in some cases are just not available.

  • A full review of the average earnings of the actively employed is required; 60% of working people in the Isle of Man earn less than the Government figure of £360 per week average earnings, many of them again earning less than the Government set minimum wage of £4.10p per hour.

  • The Government set minimum wage is unrealistic and needs to he raised on an incremental basis over a specified period of time to reflect the true current economic situation. Government manual workers earn a minimum of £5. 90p an hour. This should become the target for all employers.

  • Ways forward to support the needy or the family are hampered by the current policies of- taxing child benefit, assuming a personís degree of disability is less with a hearing aid, or spectacles, and lowering the level of disability allowance in such cases and also finishing the single parent allowance.

Our National Insurance Fund must continue to be protected and safe for the future good of the community.

Our Pensioners

Our pensioners do better than in the UK, which is excellent. But the foundations of this Islandís success have been built on their endeavours. The theme must he - "retirement with dignity, support and companionship" - the value of our older citizens must be more fully recognised.

The goal of independence, living in our own homes for as long as we can - requires an improved fuller state retirement package ensuring pensioners health, safety, care, comfort, their voluntary carers, social and family contact needs are more fully met than at present. We also need to work towards:

  • an increased pensioner personal tax allowance;

  • homes not automatically forfeited upon the requirement of residential or nursing home care, the new "rent out" scheme is very welcome, but requires expanding and further flexibility to ensure that a home, ultimately, does not have to be sold to cover expenses;

  •  care for the confused elderly must remain fully in the Health Service. This is a specialist area that requires specialist, intensive care. it is wrong that these facilities are being scaled down in the Health Service.

This range of measures should not be provided on the basis of a rigid age qualification. They should be made available on a more flexible needs basis.


The economic success of the Island is created by its hardworking people. However, they are provided with very weak protection in the current employment legislation. Reform of employment legislation is urgently required to bring the Island up to international standards and give employees and staff fair support and a framework which can effectively challenge poor employment practices; and that legislation must also support employers. We must begin by:

  • reviewing The 1990 Employment Act and include the right to reinstatement in unfair dismissal cases, and the right to make an unfair dismissal appeal following a three month period of employment or completion of probationary period. Currently it is twelve months;

  • review the procedures of Employment Tribunals;

  • including the right to representation and recognition for trade unions in new employment legislation.

Law and Order

As our community develops and the population grows, it is becoming ever more cosmopolitan. Law and order i&sues are increasing in parallel with this. Consequently we see more violent crime, robberies, opportunistic crime, vandalism and drug abuse, which occurs more frequently on weekend nights. The Police Force need more staff, the fetters of the Government "staff cap" must be removed from this vital public service so that adequate numbers of full time officers can be employed to meet the safety needs of our community. Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe.

Equally, throwing people "behind bars" is not always the answer. Someone incarcerated for any length of time, locked up for most of the day and then released after several years can hardly be said to be rehabilitated. Not all criminals will re-offend if given a chance to change their life circumstances and learn and re-learn life and community skills. We do need a better system with more positive approaches which must include:

  • a new modern prison with appropriate facilities able to promote rehabilitation programme's;

  • access to skills training programme's;

  • greater access to education courses or to these facilities - a recent UK survey showed that 70% of people held in prisons had poor to very poor education skills;

  • proper exercise facilities;

  • counseling facilities covering social, community and personal needs.

The Community Partnership - some initiatives for a safer community:

"Closing an eye or curtain" to something for fear of any comeback, must become a thing of the past - we need to return to better values and ideals by promoting safer neighbourhoods."

  • A community working together properly supported and encouraged by Police and other agencies with a dedicated Community Police Unit for this specific purpose will be far less attractive for the criminal and vandal alike, and people will feel safe and want to report anything suspicious. This must form part of a National Anti Crime Drive Initiative.

  • Promotion of "Crime Stoppers" and "Neighbourhood Watch" initiatives so that they are effective and well supported with the resources and back up they need. and linked to the Crime I)rive Initiative.

  • Promotion of high quality CCTV systems.

  • Promotion of more adequate curfew orders, which are resourced, meaningful, and driven by a multi agency approach to ensure youngsters displaying anti social behaviour are dealt with quickly, appropriately and receive the right kind of help if necessary.

Serious Offences

Unfortunately there are a minority of hardened criminal minds who have little or no regard for anything or anyone within our community. They are driven by self-interest and their own anti social desires. These people are dangerous and can not easily be rehabilitated. This requires a more appropriate sentencing regime, to protect the public and the vulnerable:

  • mandatory 20 years sentencing to prison/special hospital for serious sex offenders and child sex offenders;

  • three strikes and out - 20 years mandatory sentencing for repeat dangerous offenders including drug dealers.


The Government led housing programme must be supported and ensured it meets the needs of our community. Young first time house buyers and older people wishing to move to a smaller property are out of "mortgage range" and out of the buyers market- unable to move or destined to live in either expensive rental or cheaper substandard accommodation or young people having to continue to live at home with their parents. The current Government programme must support:

  • A first time buyer programme which continues to meet the needs of the expanding housing waiting list - 300 people registered for the first phase of Government first time buyer units at Harcroft, 300 more are on the Douglas public housing waiting list alone. This may mean grasping the nettle of a new "community village" of mixed development, but learning from the planning mistakes of the past.

  • A review of first time buyer housing prices, especially if the land allocated is Government owned and has been given over for housing. A certain amount of housing stock must be kept in a "housing bank" ensuring it stays in a "first time buyer pool" with proper checks and balances. It will then be there for other first time buyers when owners move on and protected from speculators.

  • The Empty Property Initiative - fully implemented and backed by Government led grant schemes to cover such things as fire regulations. There are possibly 500-1000 empty properties throughout the Island ranging from empty houses and flats to large spaces above shops and businesses. This is a major resource that could largely "wipe out" the Islandís housing list if planned and coordinated properly. Local Authority

Housing when vacated must be made ready for new tenants as soon a practical, this may mean more resources and better supervision.

  • Formulation of housing and letting associations to manage the rental of vacant properties, and management of new build rental housing stock, set at realistic affordable rates which tenants can have the chance of buying or part owning after a set period of time.

  • Continual revision of the House Purchase Assistance Scheme to ensure grants are realistic.

  • An introduction of a joint scheme with the Private Sector to produce a "first time buyer package" including subsidised legal and registration fees, and a mortgage package developed to meet the new market requirements and needs of the young first time buyer.

  • Sheltered accommodation for the elderly - as a matter of urgent need. This should include a new scheme to help those pensioners who wish to move out of private or public housing to a smaller residence or sheltered accommodation.

Education and our Young People

Our young people are the future of this Island. Any education system must reflect their modern needs and enable them to grow and develop to their full, individual potential - setting a firm foundation for their chosen careers and life ahead. Wherever possible, our young people must be helped, supported and encouraged. They are, our priceless investment in the future.

A full review of the resources required by the Department of Education is called for. The Council of Ministers need to understand that this Department is under funded and understaffed. This must be combined with the following:

  • The new School building programme must he supported and continued.

  • The Government staff cap must be removed from the Department of Education enabling more full time staff to he employed, and move away from short-term contracts, which are used to short circuit present Government policy.

  • Staff require more support, and the Department must aim for a more realistic hourly week worked.

  • An improved and better resourced school maintenance programme.

  • The new Director of Education must be allowed and encouraged to manage the Department of Education in line with the results of the recent and important Teacher Survey.

  • Pupil results must be monitored and improvement must always be the goal - our young people deserve the very best of chances. This must he achieved through an acceptable Island system which meets the approval of staff, pupils, parents, schools and Department.

Young People

Our young people, like young people everywhere are exposed to a greater choice of entertainment and life experience than ever before.

Their standard of living has substantially increased. Their needs are changing as our community develops. The "old style" youth club in the church hall still has its place, as do our traditions in sporting activities, but realistically, young people now require further elements to the two "community staples" of the past:

  • More "out reach workers" to work with the youth in their own settings - already proving very effective.

  • Youth Clubs require improved resourcing and staff - to provide more hours to cope with increasing numbers.

  • Youth "alcohol and drug" awareness programme's require expanding, including specialist counseling facilities.

  • More "Buzz Buses" (mobile drop in centre style youth clubs).

  • A joint working initiative between Social Services, Department of Education, Police and other relevant agencies building on recent research in the IOM, to better understand the needs and requirements of young people and problems facing them - developing a Youth Charter and moving towards a Youth Commission.

Partnership approaches between Government, Local Authorities and the Private Sector. Working towards:

  • A Young Peopleís Entertainment Centre - which promotes modern leisure and activity interests -incorporating a multi-use area for skateboarding, micro scooters, roller blading, built in conjunction with an indoor international size BMX course, ten pin howling alley and cafeteria incorporating Internet facilities. A stage area should also be available to promote our young and aspiring musicians and bands. These activities are hugely popular with young people.

    There are sites around Douglas crying out for a development like this - including Summerland which could sustain this sort of enterprise. It sounds a major exercise, but in fact is not a difficult concept to bring about.

  • Cafe style drop in centres, with appropriate support.


The Islandís energy requirements are of paramount importance and effect the entire community, especially our most vulnerable members. A modern more environmentally friendly power source, which can meet current energy needs and allow for future growth is the way forward. We must ensure:

  • progression of the new Gas Fired Power Station and the provision of a mains natural gas supply for the Island, with the prospect of more stable and cheaper energy;

  • Government control of the importation and wholesale of natural gas.


We must develop policies, which reduce environmental threats to our Island:

  • Tynwald and the Government must redouble efforts to call for the closure of Sellafield - a silent time bomb, leaking pollution into our atmosphere and seas with a catalogue of health and safety accidents with potentially catastrophic implications. Especially now with the re-commissioning of the MOX Plant and the whole site being a potential target for the terrorist.

  • A new policy to call on the British and Irish Governments to fully implement a rolling programme of removal of all raw sewage pumped into the Irish sea.

  • There must be a policy to prioritise the current waste disposal strategy. The difficult planning task of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and changing the current "refuse culture" must be driven from Government. This has to include a far more robust strategy backed up by resources and innovative thinking to make it work. Other countries have successfully achieved this. Any incineration should be kept to a minimum.

  • Government initiated grant schemes to assist people wishing to convert their cars to the new LPG car fuel -a cheaper and far greener fuel than petrol - but now with a very similar performance rating.

  • A Government grant/supplement scheme to promote the use of smokeless fuel and fire conversions to smokeless fuel.

  • Disused tips leach contaminants into the earth and water courses causing dangerous environmental risks. These tips must be assessed and hazards minimised as far as practical.

Natural Heritage

Our natural heritage is one of the Islandís greatest assets and recognised as internationally important. We are one of the few places left in the British Isles and Europe that can boast Heather Moorland, Peregrine Falcons, Choughs, Hen Harriers, Basking Sharks, and an Elm tree population of some 250,000 trees which leading experts agree is one of the best in the world. We also have a variety of rare habitats and plants, not to mention the views and open spaces. Therefore we must:

  • give a greater priority to our natural heritage. This warrants the establishment of a separate Government Natural Heritage Division;

  • promote "Green Tourism" emphasising the Islandís environmental uniqueness and adding a valuable product to our business basket:

  • the full implementation of the Wildlife Act 1990 which must now be a top priority;

  • create National Parks and Heritage Sites in consultation with all concerned bodies and the public so outstanding areas of the Island can remain as a national asset for the people and future generations to visit and enjoy. Places such as the Ayres, Langness, Sulby Valley and the Marine Drive are prime sites for beginning such initiatives.


Some key policies I Support:

  • A healthy community.

  • A healthy economy.

  • A Parliament for the 21st Century.

  •  An Island community proud of its heritage and prepared to vigorously defend its quality of life.


My commitment to you -

My last manifesto included commitments on:

  • 100% attention to my public duties.

  • A strong new voice.

  • To represent the people and not work on a private agenda in spite of them.

  • To make a difference.

  • Social Security and Welfare.

  • Industrial Relations.

  • Education and Training.

  • Law and Order.

  • Control of Government Spending.

  • Environment and Conservation.

  • Health.

  • Pensions and the National Insurance Fund.

  • Support for APG core policies.


Parliamentary questions

A considerable number of parliamentary questions have been put to Ministers in the House of Keys and Tynwald. This is an important aspect of an MHKís work and they have covered a wide range of local, national and international issues. This enables these issues to be highlighted and policies questioned. Subjects covered in questions have included:

  • constitutional issues, our international standing, Edwards Review, national policies, ecommerce, maintaining market attractiveness and business attractiveness, strategic planning, quality of care, medical staff performance, pensions, the National Insurance Fund, heating allowances, law and order issues, drug abuse, housing, shipping and public expenditure.


Placing a Private Memberís motion for debate in Tynwald or the House of Keys is an important and major enterprise. It usually requires extensive personal research, and if successful, it becomes a parliamentary resolution, usually with a significant Government response as a consequence. I have placed motions for the following matters to be debated, with the outcomes indicated:

  • Silverdale Wood - to save it from being cut down and turned into a car park, and having it incorporated as part of the Glen.

  • £10,000 ex-gratia payments - for Manx residents who were prisoners of war of the Japanese during World War II (we were the second country in the world to do this).

  • Empty Properties - caused a special survey to be undertaken to establish the amount of vacant property in both private and public sectors which given the right grant package from Government could be brought back into use, either temporally or permanently as rental units or housing stock. It has now been established that there are significant numbers of empty properties around the Island which if brought back into the "accommodation pool" would have a major impact on the various housing waiting lists.

  • Housing policy strategy - ensuring a monitoring process is in place - causing the Department of Local Government to report back to Tynwald on a regular basis giving an update of the Islandís housing situation, and ensure all relevant parties are consulted in the production of such reports.

  • Gas Prices - to ensure that the policy of importation of natural gas is secure, which should benefit the entire community, and that Government will be the wholesalers of natural gas to be supplied to the community, and not by private enterprise, therefore controlling the costs.


Another important part of an MHKís work, is preparing and presenting legislation in the House of Keys. This is done either as a Private Members Bill, or through the medium of a Government Department of which an MHK may be a member. I took The Genetically Modified Organisms Act, 2000 through the House of Keys, on behalf of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

This legislation makes it illegal to grow genetically modified plants (GMOs) on the Isle of Man, until more is known about this and it has been proved safe to do so. The Isle of Man is the first country in the world to introduce this type of legislation, recognising the possible health and environmental threats "GMOs" represent.

I have also moved amendments to legislation:

  • Sex Discrimination Act - amended to include all employers, originally most would have been exempt, a serious oversight.

  • Shops Act - keeping Good Friday Special, and adding protection for shop workers if they could not work on a Sunday.

I have also supported other Members amendments:

  • Corporate Service Providers Act - extended to reduce the burden of regulation on small local businesses.

  • Road Traffic Amendment Act - changing the compulsory written test rules to make it fairer.

Policy Changes

The new Island Forest Policy. I have promoted and driven this as part of being a member of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

The new forest policy will protect our heather moors and hill land from further planting of coniferous type trees, and recognises these areas as internationally important and one of the Islandís largest natural assets which should be protected for the community and future generations.

Road Closures - new crossing corridors now in place when there is no racing, plus other measures such as on wet days - the roads will stay open until racing, or cancelled the previous day moving away from the situation of the roads being unnecessarily staying shut all day for no reason.

New Prison - not now being built over Victoria Avenue and Linden Grove - right next to peopleís houses.

Law and order - Constituency Police Station now reopened with dedicated staff working from it. I have also pressed for CCTV and alcohol free zones.

Empty houses lying vacant - both public sector and private - "turn over" speeded up.

Public Sector housing maintenance programme's now being monitored, speeded up - double glazing programme for Willaston well underway - we will see this completed over the next couple of years or so - we were previously told - "never in our life time."

Road repairs ongoing - monitored and requested when needed.

Footpath repairs and street lighting - programme's well underway, monitored and requested when needed.

Planning Issues - residents helped in presenting cases having an impact on their area.

Nobleís Park drainage scheme - money now approved to commence this vital works scheme. We do not want anymore floods in Dukeís Road, Poplar Road or running into Marathon Drive and Victoria Crescent.

Road Safety Issues - Traffic congestion, parking, Disc Zones and dumped vehicles, helping residents campaign for improvements - all being addressed and ongoing: Road Crossing Patrol Officer for Cronky Berry School - now in place, requests in for new Pelican Crossings and especially at Laureston Terrace and near "Willaston Corner."

The adoption of roads and green open spaces at Governorís Hill Estate - at last - now we can tackle the road safety/traffic calming measures that are needed and all the things that many of you have pointed out when I have spoken to you "on the door step" in recent months.

Single, individual problems addressed and constituents helped.

Always accessible, and in touch with the people of the constituency.


The commitment to the Constituency - I will continue to push and campaign for:

  • Public Housing maintenance programme's and upgrades - this valuable housing stock within the constituency must be looked after, people deserve a proper and decent standard of living. North Douglas has been left behind.

  • Road Safety Issues - further appropriate traffic management, Pelican Crossing provision, assessment by the Department of Transport of North Douglas as there are many issues requiring input, especially Governorís 1-lull, Johnny Wattersonís Lane/Highton Wood Hill, Ballanard Road and Wilaston.

  • Parking - extension of Disc Zones for the constituency, abandoned vehicles - progress the ongoing programme of removal.

  • Footpath and Street lighting upgrades and improvements - ensuring these are ongoing and monitored.

  • Empty Property- ensuring the empty property initiative keeps on track and vacant property - both private and public - is empty for the shortest period of time possible.

  • Law and Order - ensure the constituency Police Station is a continuing success, and that it is adequately staffed, and open for longer ó into the evenings. Pushing for more and continued community policing, CCTV and more alcohol free zones.

  • Further youth and community facilities are required. The constituency has two youth clubs chaired by both MHKs, but a further general facility is also required.

  • Playing pitches are urgently required, both MHKs have been pushing for this facility, and will continue to do so.

  • Nobleís Park requires urgent maintenance attention, especially to the pitches, lower pitches and changing rooms; other parks also require attention such as Hutchinson Square.

  • Bus services - an improved service, especially for our school children, proper bus station and bus shelter facilities.


  • 100% commitment.

  • A full time MIlK - with no other outside interests or work commitments to effect or influence the role.

  • Principles - prepared to stand up for common sense principles and not give up, as we have seen with the recent Director of Education issue.

  • Team Work - ensuring a positive working relationship continues with the other MHK for North Douglas for the benefit of the constituency - big problems require double the effort.

  • Independent first - able to represent you without bias.

  • All constituency calls - letters and queries responded to personally, this is normally prompt, but on occasion can take a few days allowing for busy periods.

  • 24 hour answer phone.

  • Contact details always available - phone, fax, e-mail and of course by letter.

  • Speaking to your MHK directly - by phone, e-mail, or as many of you already know - I operate a "see you at home" system, private interviews at Government Offices, where I work from during office hours.

  • Constituency Surgery - every week at Willaston Methodist Church

  • Keeping in touch: Regular newsletters, special newsletters - for a particular area within the constituency - all personally delivered by hand. Press releases, information press releases, calling to see constituents, holding special meetings, all constituents are invited on a regular basis through the newsletters to get in touch with their MHKs and use the Constituency Surgery - this all forms part of this important aspect of getting to know your MHKs and that they are on hand when needed.

  • Working partnerships - meeting and liasing with Douglas Town Councilors, other Douglas MHKs and other agencies such as the Police, Social Services, our Schools and Government Departments.

  • In the community - I am a supporter of the Manx Foundation for the Physically Disabled, member and supporter of the Manx Heart Beat Appeal and, Chairman of the Cronky Berry Youth Club.

  • An MHK committed to national politics - As one of your constituency representatives, it is my policy that I must represent your views and interests - as it should be, but in parallel with that, I am also committed to national issues.

  • Support for Initiatives - I am a member of the APG (Alliance for Progressive Government), which means I am still independent, but can gain the support of others in the House of Keys and Tynwald.


Bill Henderson is 39 years of age, married to Lisa, with one son - Alexander Finlo, and has been a Member of the House of Keys since 1998. He is a qualified Psychiatric Nurse and was formerly a Hospital Night Manager at Ballamona Hospital. Bill is Manx, and was born and brought up in North Douglas where his family still live. He attended Ballakermeen and Douglas High Schools. He is a professionally qualified Health Service Manager, a Member of the Institute of Health Service Managers and of the Institute of Management.

He has always maintained strong political and social interests, voicing concerns over the new hospital, employee legislation and Health Service issues. Bill developed the Nursing Division of the Transport and General Workers Union of which he was at the forefront for ten years as the Nurses Representative. He has retained links with the Union.

He also supports the Islandís conservation and natural heritage and is a founder member of Manx Ecological Concern. Bill is a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Manx Wildlife Trust and the Basking Shark Society. Manx culture, heritage, the Islandís history and language are also especially important to him.

During the past three years Bill Henderson has acquired significant parliamentary and Government experience. He has been an active and informed Member of the House of Keys and Tynwald. He was a Member of the Department of Education with special responsibility for Youth and Community, Special Needs and the Chairman of the Student Awards Committee.

He is currently a Member of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), where he is Chairman of the Forestry Division and has special responsibility for conservation.

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