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Onchan - David Quirk

Dear Voter

After much consideration I have decided to put my name forward for the forthcoming election for the House of Keys on 22nd November 2001. I will endeavour to meet as many of the electorate as possible in order to discuss my policies, thoughts and ideas.

I would value your support on Election Day and in return I will approach the challenge of Government with enthusiasm and 100% commitment. I feel I am well known by a considerable number of residents in the area but for those who do not, allow me to tell you a little about myself…

I am 48 years of age, born and brought up on the Island and have lived in Onchan since my marriage to Elizabeth in 1976 and we have a daughter Rachel, locally employed in the finance sector. Currently I am Chairman of Onchan District Commissioners, an Authority on which I have served for 12 years. I am an active member on all committees connected with the Authority including the joint Local Authority Civic Amenities Committee between Onchan, Braddan and Douglas.

I hold the positions of: -

  • Chairman of the Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment,

  • Chairman of Onchan Pensioners Social Club,

  • A member of Onchan Heritage

  • A member of Onchan Wetlands Trust.

  • I have had the honour and been fortunate enough to have been your representative on a team that has seen Onchan develop over the past few years, being proud to have helped guide your Local Authority along the way.

    I have always been outspoken over issues that I have thought threatened the independence of our village and I am sure that the experience I have gained in Local Government will prove invaluable if elected, to the House of Keys.

    Education and Training

    Good education is founded on well-trained teachers and adequately staffed and equipped facilities. This provision must be a priority in the expenditure of public funds. The teaching curriculum has set objectives and provides guidance in the attainment of those standards and must not place a restraint on teacher’s individual initiative and flair.

    The management of secondary schools should be given greater freedom in the use of resources allocated to their particular school. A start has already been made in this direction.

    The Isle of Man College should continue to develop with the ultimate objective of the establishment of a University of Mann.

    Retraining must be encouraged and where necessary, funds should be readily available to meet any requirement. A Vocational Training Council should be created to provide a greater interface between education and training and to provide for stronger input from employers. Training should be placed under the auspices of the Department of Education.

    To ensure that the establishment of pre-school education is provided at the Onchan schools and to identify and meet the special educational needs of all school children in mainstream situations wherever possible. It is planned by the Department of Education that the new secondary school on the Bemahague site will commence in the year 2005 this is too far ahead! This new facility should be built by 2003.


    We need to preserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment and to seek to secure sustainable development where possible, to dispose of the Islands waste in a safe, environmentally acceptable way. We also need to encourage by appropriate means, the minimisation in terms of quantities. Part of this is to encourage and promote the re-use of recyclable materials for example, glass, aluminium, paper, clothes, shoes and construction and demolition waste.

    There are over 300 recycling bins already placed on the Island but more would be useful. I hope that this system will regularly be reviewed and where necessary expanded and supplemented to provide an even better system.

    I welcome the go ahead for the new Civic Amenity sites around the Island. Within the practical constraints confronted by our Island community and the need to adopt proven technical solutions, the overall policy should embrace;


  • RE-USE





  • Composting material can amount to 1/3 of the main waste; the ideal solution would be separation at source. Construction and demolition waste should be taken to a recycling facility, not to the landfill and allied to this, we should seek to support and encourage pre-segregated recyclable collections by the local authorities.

    The Island’s energy policy should be based on effective conservation including periodical energy audits and the utilisation of the most environmentally friendly energy source capable within an acceptable level of production cost.

    I would support the development of a wind farm by the M.E.A. and a start would be their facility designed to produce an output of approximately 10 MW.

    This would provide compliance to the Rio and Kyoto conventions to replace energy from fossil fuels with a renewable source. I would also support the introduction of a Clean Air Act and provide financial support to bring ashore, natural gas.

    The people of our Island expect and deserve the same environmental standards as others in Western Europe. An affordable and acceptable standard as defined in European and UK legislation and guidelines. This should include international obligations; a Manx waste strategy should be based on a number of well-founded principles.

  • Best available technology…
  • Deal with problems close to where they arise…
  • The polluter pays…
  • Encouragement of public participation…
  • The Government has a waste management plan but it is now falling short on its commitment to the people of the Island. We should for instance, have a full time recycling officer, this person being supported by a publicity campaign to include REDUCTION of potential waste material and the re-use of material which would otherwise become waste.


    The Department of Local Government and Environment has a statutory responsibility for the formulation of the housing policy on behalf of the Isle of Man Government.

    The principal objective of the current policy is to ensure that sufficient housing, to the appropriate standards, is made available to meet demand created by the growth in population. The Department is also a functioning housing authority and seeks, along with Local Authorities and other public sector housing providers, to ensure that affordable housing is made available for rent to those in most need on the Island. I support the current policy and objectives.

    I welcome that the Department identified and made available, a site for the Manx Blind Welfare Society at Bemahague in Onchan, working in collaboration with Onchan Commissioners and Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen’s Families Association. This is a development of sheltered housing at the same site that is now well under way for completion next year. With reference to Local Authority housing, we should continue with a programme to refurbish our older housing stock to acceptable standards and there should also be funding to adapt housing to facilitate the disabled, with an increased emphasis on assistance to the elderly, infirm and the sick to enable them where possible, to live in the community.

    There is growing concern over the shortage of reasonably priced houses and accommodation for many of our young people. A way forward is for Government to acquire land in Onchan. At the moment there are three parcels of land available and of which the Department is aware, so they should cease sitting on their "derriere" and do something! The way forward is for the Department to hand over the land to the Local Authority and for the Commissioners to plan a mix of real first time buyers and Local Authority homes.

    Industry - a more pro-active approach

    An increasingly positive and pro-active approach should be adopted in seeking to attract new businesses to the Island.

    Established companies must be assisted to adjust to changes in market forces conditions and the use of modern technology. Other areas in which I have concern are ;

  • Disadvantages, such as higher energy and transportation costs and the scarcity of skilled labour, must be swiftly addressed.

  • An Industrial Development Agency should be established working to a Department of Economic Development, tasked with the attraction of new undertakings and the expansion of existing businesses. Fully qualified persons with a commercial background should staff the Agency.

  • An early study should be made of the means to expand smaller enterprises.

  • Regional dispersal of industrial activity must be an objective.

  • The essential link between Education and Vocational Training, with particular reference to the needs of commerce and industry, should be provided through a Vocational Training Council.

  • It is long over due that other industries should be targeted for the Island’ benefit. We cannot, under any circumstances, remain so heavily dependant upon the Financial Sector in future years. This is one sector that could quite easily disappear overnight. Your Government should be vigilant and vigorously striving to attract new and innovative industries to our shores

    Law and order

    The police are in the front line in the fight against crime and I give my full support to increasing the number of police officers to fight crime especially the drug menace that is detrimental to our society. I support longer sentences for those who deal in drugs. I would support a programme that confiscates any assets derived from drug dealing in the fight against crime.

    The Department of Education must also promote better education against the effects of drugs that can have a dramatic affect on the youngsters who use them. Attitudes towards law and order are often reflected in the behaviour of children in school, many things can influence young people.

    The Department of Education must remain committed to maintenance of moral values and good behaviour. This should reflect in the personal social curriculum of the Island schools.

    Parents must also play a role and know where their children go to at night and at the weekends. I support the use of C.C.T.V. cameras outside places of entertainment where it is known that there are trouble spots.

    I will continue to keep pushing for more community policing, especially for more police foot patrols on the housing estates and areas where young hooligans are terrorising elderly people. I have always enjoyed a close working relationship with the Island Police Force and the Onchan neighbourhood watch schemes are a good move in the right direction in the fight against crime.

    Management and Population Growth

    The census of April 1996 put the island resident population at 71,714. Provisional estimates from this year’s census suggest a current population of 75,985. This represents an increase of 6.25% over the period. The Governments population policy includes a commitment to ensure that the population will not, by virtue of its structure, size and rate of growth, prejudice the quality of life on the island. This commitment requires a facility which government can use to limit excessive immigration and the powers to this end have been provided in the Residence Act to which royal assent was granted earlier this year. I find it somewhat strange that the act is not to be brought into effect on the island until it is deemed necessary. I say that the time is right to enact this legislation.

    The Island international identity is continuing to have a high profile largely derived from its continuing economic success and prominence as an international business centre. Immigration should be effected through a residency permit system with eligibility based on –




  • The work permit system should remain in being for the purpose of regulating short-term employment that cannot be met locally. The special relationship, which the Isle of Man and other crown dependencies have with, the European Union is to be found in Protocol 3 to the United Kingdoms Act of Accession to the European Community. The Protocol provides for free trade in manufactured goods and agricultural products between the islands. It continues to be the case that the Council of Ministers regards the terms of Protocol 3 as constituting the most appropriate relationship between the Isle of Man and the EU.

    The Health of our Nation

    The number of elderly persons on the Island has shown a steady increase and adequate facilities must be made available. Many anticipate the prospect of retirement with the fear of family homes being sold to pay for high priced accommodation in private sector nursing homes. Increasing provision should be made for the elderly, including community-based services to enable them to remain in their home environment.

    I also feel that the time has come that a nursing home facility should be placed within the area of Onchan. Development of these services should have particular regard to the chronically sick and disabled and have 24 hour nursing care.

    I support the relocation of certain General Practitioners surgeries to provide a new health centre in the heart of Onchan.

    I also support the general statement for the establishment of comprehensive programme's of health promotion, treatment and care designed to secure improvement in the physical and mental health of the people of the Island. I believe we should promote the provision of a comprehensive programme of benefits to supplement the financial resources of individuals or families where their own circumstances, efforts, or ability to make provision are insufficient to achieve an acceptable standard of living. It is essential to promote, by needs assessment, arrangements for the provision of specialist advice, guidance, assistance and service on such a scale as may be appropriate to the social welfare needs of persons who, by reason of disability, age or other causes, are unable to sustain a reasonable quality of life.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.

    David Quirk

    Published By David Quirk

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