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Dear Elector It is with great pleasure

that I once more offer myself as your Member of the House of Keys. Since being first elected in May 1995, I have always done my best to ensure that Garff has had strong representation in Tynwald, and it has been a privilege to assist many individual constituents with their concerns. My recent experience in Government as Minister for Education has been a further opportunity to serve the people of the Isle of Man, and I greatly look forward to your support again on 22nd November.

Yours sincerely
Steve Rodan


"This General Election is vitally important for our lsland. We have enjoyed five very successful years with rapid economic growth, full employment and buoyant government revenues to fund essential public services and infrastructure renewal.

The next five years are bound to be more challenging —with predictions of world economic recession, the Isle of Man will need clear strategies, full contingency planning, and political leaders with breadth of vision and experience. Firm direction and a steady hand is needed in an uncertain international situation. In particular, we must vigorously defend our national interests against unwelcome political pressure and interference, whether from the UK, European Union or OECD. The Island’s future economic well being depends totally on its continued freedom of action over its own taxation arrangements and domestic legislation.

I firmly believe that on-going constructive dialogue with external governments and organisations — coupled with a determination not to be bullied into submission — is the right approach.

My commitment to an economically strong, politically self-confident, and stable Isle of Man is total."

Law & Order

Recent determined efforts and initiatives by the police to reduce crime levels are to be applauded. The need to address the root causes remains .. . 95% of us do not commit offences; this is due to a sense of self control, of "right and wrong", deeply ingrained since childhood — the consequence of good parenting in the home. Good manners, patience, honesty, respect for older people and their property — these are the values which underpin order in society. Regrettably, some parents, for various reasons, cannot or will not adequately discharge their duty as parents in teaching these values.

Unless such a deficiency is made up today, law breaking is far more likely to follow tomorrow. I would advocate more public funding for pre-school education, parenthood classes, family centres, and all schemes which promote social skills and civic responsibility.

Recent government policy to ensure that agencies dealing with young people work closer together is currently concentrating on better strategies to control the delinquent behaviour of the small minority heading toward juvenile crime.


No to Meddling with Local Authorities.

Steve Rodan voted against the latest attempt at Local Government "reform". Local authorities based on our towns, villages and parishes are an essential part of maintaining traditional social bonds, pride in the community and social identity. Their job is to provide local services in the most cost efficient manner, with a rates burden as equitable as possible. "I am all for voluntary cooperation between local authorities to help achieve this, but not for re-organisation forced by central government against their express wishes. I will continue to oppose any such legislation in future."


For people who do not already own their own home Affordability is the key problem for those on medium or low incomes.

Small Family Units, Sheltered Accommodation for the elderly, and Starter Homes for the first time buyer all require clear strategies.

Steve Rodan's policies require clear strategies.

  • Zone land for Housing in the right areas. Urban regeneration in the towns, but permit limited sympathetic small scale development in rural parishes aimed at local people — for starter homes and sheltered housing. No large scale housing estates to put pressure on the infrastructure.

  • Overhaul the House Purchase Assistance Scheme. At present the maximum grant is £ 1 6,500 towards a property not exceeding £85,000. During the last 8 months, 127 applicants have benefited, but the housing market has still raced ahead. The scheme should be further extended to second time buyers, with an uplift of house price ceiling, and upper income limits in all cases.

  • Target resources into Shared Equity Schemes, and private/government partnerships for starter homes. Housing Associations should be developed, with government grants to produce property at affordable rents, or to enable purchasers to part-buy and part-rent.

  • Develop a Private Sector Rent Assistance Scheme — especially useful for those single persons under 40 whose incomes do not allow them to get a decent mortgage, but who do not qualify for the public sector waiting list.

  • New legislation to extend multiple occupation and bed-sit types of accommodation

  • Planned Maintenance of Public Housing — replacement windows and exterior painting at Glen Mooar and central heating at Gretch Noa are still needed, following completion of work in recent years at Corony, Glen Road, and Minorca Crescent

  • Local Priority — the proposed 14 starter homes recently approved in Lonan will be allocated on a points system with priority to Lonan/Laxey residents.

The Problem...

"Today the Isle of Man is wrestling with the problems of its own success."

  • Job opportunities have never been greater, but now there are skills shortages

  • Wages have been rising, but so have house prices and rents — more and more couples both work just to be able to pay the mortgage

  • Many people on low and fixed incomes still need to share in the increased national prosperity

  • Greater traffic congestion, pressure of pupil numbers on our schools, increasing demands on Social Services are the downsides to a rising population

These are critical issues for the next Government. We have now closed the gap with the UK in our national wealth and living standards — a great achievement. How to maintain healthy economic growth without overheating and bringing a rush of new residents? The growth we need to ensure a high wage economy which pays for good social services, schools, healthcare and pensions must be generated through

  • greater internal productivity

  • greater diversity — not only within the vitally important financial services industry itself, but into e-commerce, tourism, manufacturing and agricultural industries

  • residency control if necessary, to better manage population growth

Education and Skills Training

  • Develop policies that value vocational training qualifications; let labourers become craftsmen, juniors become insurers — thereby reducing the need to import such skills

  • Specialist business education at the new International Business School, and Isle of Man College; the Training Centre; renewed local nurse training — all have key roles in skills development here on the Island.

  • Closer cooperation between Education and Industry/Commerce

  • More use of commercial agencies to develop Tourism

  • Support our farmers with niche export markets for specialist Manx dairy and meat products


The Energy-from-Waste Incinerator is now moving ahead — but Government policy accepts that it is only part of the answer for the Island’s waste problem.

Now is the time to step up efforts at re-cycling and corn posting. We already have civic amenity sites (though not in Garff) and collection banks for glass, aluminium, paper etc. Steve Rodan supports a Kerbside Collection scheme, on a trial basis. "I am convinced there would be community sup port to separate certain materials out of the domestic waste stream (plastic bottles for example), for direction to commercial markets — a pilot scheme would test the viability and practicality of such a community recycling initiative. This should be an early priority for the new national Waste Management Board."


Whether we like it or not, Europe’s economic and political changes will impact more and more on the Isle of Man. Since there is no such thing in today’s world as true ‘independence", Steve Rodan believes we should continue our Protocol 3" relationship with the European Union, guaranteeing free trade for Manx goods into the UK and Europe, but without the political and fiscal take-over of the Isle of Man that full membership would bring.


Earlier this year Steve Rodan took the Council of Ministers Bill into the House of Keys. Its purpose was to ensure that after the General Election the new Chief Minister was obligated to obtain Tynwald’s approval for his choice of Government Ministers. He argued that it was an important principle that where there was no Party Politics, and the voters were not voting for a particular incoming government, but for individual politicians, then the people’s representatives should have a direct say in endorsing the Government Team. Unfortunately, this proposed legislation narrowly fell at Second Reading Stage in the face of determined opposition!


  • Education Minister since May 1999 

  • A member of the Constitutional and External Affairs Committee promoting the Island’s international interests

  • Social Issues Committee, dealing with the new Residency legislation, needed to control future immigration and prevent runaway population growth

  • Former Chairman of Planning Committee 

  • Chief Minister’s Drug and Alcohol Strategy, bringing more coordination to treatment, prevention, education and law enforcement

  • Responsible for the passage of new legislation on mental health, education, banking.

Problems still ongoing...

The Laxey and Lonan Local Plan of 1989 is desperately overdue for updating. While the final Draft Plan Revision is ready, procedural delays have prevented a public inquiry during this year. Steve Rodan will press for this vitally important opportunity for residents to have their say on the future zoning of land for housing development; water supplies and drainage; areas for recreation, tourism, open space, conservation etc.

  • Better management of Traffic congestion and speeding in residential areas. "I will continue to push for a pedestrian crossing on the busy New Road; speed cameras; and special measures for Minorca Hill, Baldrine, and Croit-e-Quil areas".

  • Doctors’ Surgery — the need for upgraded facilities in Laxey to replace the existing cramped conditions is now urgent, and work with the DHSS over alternative sites will carry on.

  • Outstanding road schemes for adoption, such as Baldrine Park Phase 2 have been designed up, and are in government’s works programme, but long suffering residents need to know that the digger is on its way.

  • Previous disturbance from quarry operations in Maughold has given major concern. The long term answer is a proper National Strategic policy for minerals, to remove the need entirely for industrial activity in places like Dreemskerry.

  • The IRIS sewerage renewal project will not benefit Garff for years yet. Meanwhile the polluting sea outfalls at Laxey, Garwick and Port Lewaigue continue. I have successfully pressed for action over the Glen Road Sewer renewal, and will continue to advocate screening, and a small stand-alone treatment plant as an interim measure.

The rural parishes of Lonan and Maughold have great natural beauty.

National Glens, and unspoiled countryside . . . our villages and hamlets, too, are rich in history, with a sense of community that is increasingly rare in the modern world — all deserve our care and protection.


The late US Senator, Hubert Humphrey, once said:

"The moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life - the sick, the needy, and the handicapped."

Let that message guide the next Administration.

Laxey and Dhoon Schools

Very much at the heart of the community, the educational start in life our children get there cannot be bettered.

For Dhoon School, design work is now underway for the new 4-classroom extension, multi-purpose hall, new play areas and off-road parking. Construction work for this new £2m capital scheme is due next year.

Laxey’s recent extensions have created excellent new facilities, and relieved previous overcrowding. But, as Minister, Steve Rodan is acutely aware of the need to plan for the longer term against future pressure on the school from growing pupil numbers and worsening traffic congestion.

During his term of office as Minister, Steve has instigated new pre-school nursery units; behavioural support for difficult children; Teachers Survey with action to deal with problems over workloads, morale; new Manx Gaelic Unit; increased student funding and support. He will continue to support the planned new secondary school in Onchan, and the further development of the International Business School.

Published By Steve Rodan

Printed via the IOM Elections Website.


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