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Candidate Profile

Geoffrey Boot - Glenfaba

Full Name Geoffrey George Boot
Age 52
Marital Status
Children 4
Place of Birth
  If not the Isle of Man when did you move here?
20+ years
Occupation Chief Executive/Director of Manx-based investment holding company with UK subsidiary. Interest in property/farming/leisure/publishing. Commercial pilot. Chairman IOM Region AOPA. Vice Chairman UK AOPA. Board & Committee member of a number of voluntary organisations. World Record Coordinator for Royal Aero Club.


Political History & Views

What is your political history or relevant experience?

Earlier years, elected for a total of 12 years at parish and district council level in the UK. 7 years as a Vice Chairman. Chaired and involved in many other committees. Latterly chaired Constituency Boundary Review Board. Have attended all major UK Party Conferences. Through business and political connections have made and had contact with many high level politicians in the UK. Through environmental and aviation interests have been involved in lobbying at Manx/UK/Europe and International level as well as drafting and amending legislation and regulation (mainly in aviation).

Are you a member of any organisation which guides or influences your political views or polices?

I am standing as an Independent candidate but,like most people on the Isle of Man, can't help but be influenced by mainstream UK press and television. It would be fair to say that my leanings are towards Conservative values.

On the Isle of Man itself, regardless of political colour, I know that one has to build bridges and I have talked to and am talking to present members and potential new members as well as local Commissioners to try and build bridges and agree principles so that I have people to work with if elected.

The PAG have awoken a new interest in matters political and I agree with most of their core beliefs.

I am a great believer in sampling the electorate's opinion, producing policies that reflect their desire rather than telling them what to do. In this respect I did launch my campaign in Spring this year with a complete survey of the electorate, which has highlighted their priorities and will form the basis for my Manifesto.

What are your main national issues?

Issues identified in my Elector's Survey and also on the doorstep which form the plank of my Manifesto are:

  1. Poor financial management and oversight, leading to a great waste in public finance.
  2. Concern over environmental issues, better waste management, more recycling, concern over future of farming linked to our landscape.
  3. Immigration.
  4. Simply too much legislation, slavishly following the UK and EU instead of finding solutions to our own problems. Lack of regulatory impact assessment, cost benefit analysis for the Isle of Man and no post-regulatory review.
  5. Lack of affordable housing locally and countrywide.
  6. Electors want more consultation and transparency in government.
  7. An apparent lack of leadership and expertise of elected members.

What are your main local issues?

Local and national issues tend to intersect each other but:

  1. Archallagan Plantation and inert waste disposal.
  2. The electorate just want someone who will work with them, the local Commissioners be available, ie local surgeries, etc.
  3. Affordable housing as a local issue.
  4. Planning matters. Frustration with the present system even after recent changes to the system. Not being able to speak at Planning Meetings, either opponents or applicants.
  5. More empowerment at local level for Commissioners, etc.
  6. Just having an MHK who is around and available and stays in touch.

What do you believe you would bring to government as an MHK?

I come with a wealth of experience in building businesses, which requires management, accounting, motivation  and people skills and, most importantly, delivering what the customer wants - in this case what the electorate wants. I am a great believer in building partnerships between my constituents, local government and national government, keeping people informed and consulting with them, even if it is at my own expense. I think these are skills which, with some notable exceptions, have been missing in the House.  I call it multi-tracking, to address the local issues and keep the electorate  informed of what is going on and at the same time be able to concentrate on national issues with a vision of what is  important to the Country/Nation as a whole.

Public Meetings

Date & Time Location
Wed 8 Nov - 7 30 pm  Cronk-Y-Voddy Young Men's Club
Thur 9 Nov - 7 30 pm  Dalby St James Church Hall
Wed 15 Nov - 7 30 pm  Foxdale School
Mon 20 Nov St Johns Methodist Church Hall


Other Documents & Information
2006 Manifesto


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