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Politicians attendance records and travel expenses revealed

Adrian Duggan is bottom of the league when it comes to attending Tynwald sittings

The South Douglas MHK, who's announced he's standing down at the next election, has attended 87% of all meetings within the past two years.

Legislative Council member Pam Crowe is next with a 94% attendance rate

In all twenty members have attended each session they were available for since April 2004

The findings were revealed in response to a question from Rushen MHK John Rimmington 

A similar request for figures relating to sittings of the House of Keys was rejected 

While Pam Crowe has one of the poorest attendances for sittings of Tynwald she's top of the charts when it comes to claiming petrol allowance

The Legislative Council member, a former Rushen MHK, has been paid more than five thousand seven hundred pounds in travel expenses over the past two years.

Current Rushen MHKs Phil Gawne and John Rimmington haven't claimed a penny during that period while Quintin Gill has received four and a half thousand pounds

The second highest amount has been given to the Transport minister Allan Bell, at five and a half thousand pounds, a thousand more than fellow Ramsey representative Anne Craine.

In all fifteen of the thirty members of the Legislative Council and the House of Keys didn't submit petrol expenses for the past two years

The issue was raised by Onchan MHK Peter Karran 


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