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BNP fail to field Keys candidate

The British National Party has failed in it's bid to field candidates in next month's House of Keys General Election.

The BNP targetted the Isle of Man earlier this year with a widespread leafletting campaign.

Party bosses hoped to drum up support for their often controversial policies and find local people willing to stand as BNP candidates in November's election.

However, the move provoked much concern among Island residents with many questioning the party's reasons for coming here.

Despite a number of local meetings held recently in Douglas no one has come forward to represent the BNP at the Keys election.

Regional Organiser Roy Goodwin told Energy FM he thinks the party needs more time to get a foothold in the Island,but he's hopeful of a good showing in 5 years time.

Mr Goodwin also defended the secrecy surrounding local meetings saying the venue is never disclosed to the general public due to the likelihood of disruption.

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