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Press Release - ANDREW JESSOPP


3rd May 2006

Andrew Jessopp has announced his intention to stand in the forthcoming House of Key’s election in November with the aim of being elected as the MHK for Middle.

Mr Jessopp, who was successfully elected as a Braddan Commissioner in 2004, stated, “It has always been my intention to seek election to the Keys’ this year, but I have been waiting for the appropriate moment to declare my candidacy.

He continued, “I have obviously been very heavily involved in the Public Inquiry held by the Department of Local Government and Environment, and the outcome of the Inquiry, into certain affairs of the Braddan Commissioners. Now that the Inquiry Inspector’s Report has been considered by Tynwald and my stance, in respect of certain matters, has been vindicated, and although there is still work to be completed at the Commissioners, I feel now is the right time to look ahead to new challenges.”

Mr Jessopp believes that the House of Key’s, and politicians in general, are currently facing a serious public loss of confidence, with the public holding a deep seated belief that the majority of Tynwald members are only interested in self-promotion and not what is best for the Island and its people. Mr Jessopp says that it is crucial that a new approach to politics is adopted in the Island – one that places honesty, integrity, transparency and doing the ‘right thing’ above protection of ‘consensus’ government - in order to regain the respect and confidence of the public.

If elected, Mr Jessopp is prepared to reject offers of a ‘government’ post so that he can concentrate on the vitally important role of scrutinizing the activities of government and holding the ‘executive’ to account – an activity which has been seriously lacking since the introduction of the Ministerial system.

Mr Jessopp, as a founder member of Tynwald Watch and the Positive Action Group, believes he has clearly demonstrated the credentials necessary for such a role within Tynwald; and wholeheartedly supports the PAG’s declared Core Principles and Charter.

Mr Jessopp commented, “If elected, it will be an honour and privilege to serve the people of Middle in Tynwald - the oldest Parliament in the World and I hope that in a few years time, with the changes I would like to see implemented, Tynwald will also be known worldwide as the ‘best’ parliament in the World. The Island and its people deserve no less and I am prepared to work tirelessly to see it happen.”


Andrew Jessopp: - Tel: 622937

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