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Press Release - Frank Schuengel


Frank Schuengel Chairman of the Safer Island Driving group and local resident of South Douglas has announced his candidacy for Douglas South in the elections in November. At the age of 29 this month, Frank will be one of the youngest candidates for election in November.

Mr. Schuengel, who has a wide range of experience in both the Customer Services arena and financial management, believes that it is time for a change of direction in the new session of Tynwald.

Frank commented:

“The elections in November offer an opportunity for the new Tynwald to look to the future rather than the past. This is a great opportunity for the island to move forward and become one of the most dynamic places to work and the best place to live. There are a variety of issues that need to be addressed the most important of which are affordable housing and utility bill costs. These are just two of the many issues I want to tackle head on in the forthcoming campaign.

In the past the people of the Isle of Man have been offered change and found only false hope. I want to see, and represent, a real change not only in Douglas but also for the island as a whole. This does not mean change for the sake of change, but change where it is long over due. Instead of just blindly going forward, we need to step back and look at where we want the island to be in ten years time and aim for that goal.

With the voters help we can make this island not just a great place to live, but the best place to live.”


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