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Press Release - Graham Cregeen

Declaration as Candidate for MHK for Malew and Santon

My name is Graham Cregeen, I am 44 years old, a postman and live in Ballasalla - I am Manx and proud of it. Over the last few years I have been encouraged by many people throughout Malew and Santon to stand for the House of Keys. Many have expressed and shared my dissatisfaction with the outcome of a number of Government projects, for example, the Hospital, MEA, IRIS, Planning, Mount Murray, Childcare, and Policing. We have had many expensive inquiries, but to what result? No lesson have been learnt and no-one is held accountable. We have many local issues which seem to have been ignored.

IRIS - areas of Malew and Santon smell like open sewers and nothing seems to be done about it.

Planning - we have been waiting many years for a Local Plan, but building goes ahead and no infrastructure is being put in place.

We see ever increasing energy costs, yet pensioners seem to be forgotten.

The Island has seen many successes in the past years with the expansion of the finance sector, shipping and the film industry. These successes should be built on and we should look forward to the new tax strategy and aircraft registry, but we should also look more widely into other fields such as medicine, communications and other manufacturing industries.

Spending by the Government must be looked at more closely as most Government projects seem to be very expensive and more often than not run over budget, and we do not seem to get value for money.

I want an Island with a bright future for our children, I have a keeness to serve the community, I believe in the Isle of Man and its people and would work for any success to be shared fairly with all, not just a few. What we need is a responsible and caring Government.


Mr Graham Cregeen
38 Silverburn Drive
Isle of Man

Tel 823370
Mobile 457377

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