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Keys candidates support P A G principles

Results of a pre-election survey by Positive Action Group indicate that fundamental change is inevitable in the structure of Tynwald in the next five years.

The political lobby group questioned all 55 election candidates about specific measures in the PAG Charter.

There was near unanimous agreement that the Legislative Council be democratically elected by the people – 90% of the 42 respondents were in favour – and that candidates would actively work to bring about the change if elected.

A controversial call to reduce the number of government ministers did not receive support with only 29% in favour yet 57% agreed to a reduction in the number of departmental members.

PAG’s Treasurer Joe Duffy said: ‘It’s not surprising that this measure was not favoured. It’s largely because candidates have not realized the stranglehold that ministers combined with departmental members have on Tynwald voting – the so-called block vote.

‘We are however delighted that other significant measures received very strong support and agreement, namely:

  • that Ministers are only appointed from directly elected members of Tynwald – 81%
  • the appointment of an Auditor General and establishing an independent     Ombudsman service – 88%
  • implementing a Freedom of Information Act – 93% and
  • a Conflicts of Interest Act – 74%

‘In the next five years PAG will lobby our politicians to ensure that these intentions are honoured.’

For information about the PAG Charter look at the website


Press contact : Joe Duffy tel : 610210


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