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Manx Labour secure double victory in Derby Ward

Fri, 16 Oct 2020

Devon Watson and Samuel Hamer have been elected to serve Douglas Council on a hugely successful night for the Manx Labour party.

The pair will now represent the Derby Ward constituency until 1 May next year after receiving 40 per cent of all votes cast.

Independent candidate Amanda Walker narrowly missed out, with Alan Buck of Lib Van also falling short.

Turnout for the by-election was just 19.6 per cent with Mr Watson declared the outright winner by more than 50 votes.

An independent inquiry will be carried out after a complaint was made regarding one of the ballot boxes not being properly sealed.

However, the complainant was heard saying he didn’t feel it “had any effect on the result”.


Alan Buck (Lib Van) – 95 votes
Samuel Hamer (Manx Labour) – 251 votes
Amanda Walker (Independent) – 230 votes
Devon Watson (Manx Labour) – 305 votes

Five ballot papers were spoilt.

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