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Leo Cussons declares in Glenfaba and Peel

Wed, 16 Jun 2021

Leo Cussons has declared his intention to stand for Peel and Glenfaba in this year's General Election.

The Green Party candidate worked on the farms in Glen Maye in his youth, studied business at the Isle of Man College and Law at Lancaster University. 

Mr Cussons said: “I believe that we have got to look for a new way in Isle of Man politics. Green politics is not about left or right but about a fair, just and sustainable future for all of us. Voting Green is common sense politics which in turn will create unity, harmony and success in our Community.  For far too long politicians have looked at the short term for their own careers. As part of the representation process, I have been canvassing since last September to understand why none of the major issues related to Glenfaba and Peel have been resolved."

The Isle of Man General Election will take place on 23rd September.

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