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Ramsey's retail sector needs help says election candidate

Thu, 01 Sep 2011

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An candidate seeking re-election in Ramsey says work needs to be done to help the town's retail sector.

Anne Craine been an MHK for Ramsey since 2003 and is currently the Treasury Minister.

When she was re-elected to the House of Keys in 2006 she says she was quite keen to push for a marina for the town and although this happened yet, it's still not lost.

Mrs Craine says big schemes like this need to be stockpiled and taken back off the shelf in future when we're back in a more solvent position.

She is pleased that the stabilisation work has begun on the Queen's Pier, so there'll still be an opportunity for it to come alive again in the future.

Mrs Craine says people in the constituency have told her the town's shopping area needs a boost.[play media file below]

The other candidates in Ramsey are Allan Bell, Leonard Singer, Linda Bowers-Kasch, Lawrie Hooper and John McDonough.