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Constituency Information

Douglas North

Mark Atherton
Mike Coleman (Manx Labour Party)
Bill Henderson
John Houghton

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Public Meetings
Date & Time Location Candidate
Tue 14 Nov
7 30 pm 
Willaston Methodist Hall All
Polling Stations
No Electorial Numbers Place
1 1 PDWILL - 2378 PDWILL Willaston Methodist Church, Willaston
2 1 PDGLEN - 908 PDGLEN Grandstand Hospitality Suite, St Ninains
3 1 PDSTIN - 901 PDSTIN Cronk-y-Berry School, Glencrutchery
No of Seats
2 Seats
Retiring Members
John Ramsey HOUGHTON
Robert William HENDERSON
Returning Officer
Mr J Callin
Quinn Kneale Advocates
50 Athol Street

01624 623195
01624 676763

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